You can help create the elements that go into generating new wrestlers.

Intro message to user who unlocked the wrestler

• !bot w_intro Chat just got body-slammed by #username# ‘s tag-team partner

Adjective or noun that appears before wrestler’s first name (unlike with f_adjective for friends, we DO NOT include ‘a’ or ‘an’)

• !bot w_namePre Dazzlin’

First name of new wrestler

• !bot w_nameFirst Donny

Last name of new wrestler

• !bot w_nameLast Destruction

The status of the wrestler (this precedes where they’re from)

• !bot w_status A veteran brawler
• !bot w_status A new sensation

The location where the wrestler is from

• !bot w_location A World of Pain

An introductory phrase the activity

• !bot w_activityIntro they’re highly-trained in

A noun or adjective that will appear before the activity

• !bot w_activityPre underwater

An activity (or martial art) that the wrestler is skilled in

• !bot w_activity pogo-stick jousting


Intro message about the wrestler’s signature move

• !bot w_moveIntro Wrestlers all fear their signature move, the

Adjective or noun that appears before wrestler’s signature move

• !bot w_movePre Spinning

a noun for the wrestler’s signature move

• !bot w_moveNoun Piledriver