You can help support our channel by triggering “lights” (animations, videos, and lighting effects) during the light shows.

The easiest way to get started is to include the #light-code in your donation message.

Click to learn more about how to trigger lights
Other ways to Trigger Lights

• If you’ve already donated, you can use the !unlock command with the #light-code

• Or you can use the !give command with the #light-code to trigger a light in honor of another user.

Debuting Lights

New lights that haven’t yet been used in the light show start at a premium unlock price, but drop after they’ve been debuted.


1. The light show software is very BETA.

2. When you trigger a light it will usually appear within 10-30 seconds unless other lights have been requested ahead of yours.

3. A light can only be used once per song.

4. If the song ends before your light request is used, or someone else has already requested the light you tried to request, your unlock balance will be credited and you can use it to unlock another light or another unlock. Please let a mod or Kid know if you aren’t properly credited.

Donation Lights