Teams (BETA)

[Coming soon… introduction to teams]
Giving Unlock Credits to a Team

Anyone can gift unlock credits to a team. You do not need to be a member. There’s two different ways you can do it.

1. Include the #teamName with your donation message.

2. Use the !give command to give your unused cash unlock credit

1-Year Subscriber Jyktest: !give $10 #teamBadgers
Moderator 1-Year Subscriber ToBeOrNotToBot:@Jyktest just gifted $10 in unlock credits to #teamBadgers

How to run a command as a Team

Team captains can run commands on behalf of their team. Currently only !unlock and !give are supported.

1-Year Subscriber The_Etcetera_Kid: #teamBadgers !unlock #newSound
Moderator 1-Year Subscriber ToBeOrNotToBot#teamBadgers just unlocked a random new sound!

Team Commands

!myTeams – Tooby will whisper your 10 most recent teams
!teamStats- get stats about a team

1-Year Subscriber The_Etcetera_Kid: !teamStats #teamBadgers
Moderator 1-Year Subscriber ToBeOrNotToBot#teamBadgers was created on 2018-09-26 by @The_Etcetera_Kid. It has 20 members.

!teamCaptains- get list of team captains

1-Year Subscriber The_Etcetera_Kid: !teamCaptains #teamBadgers
Moderator 1-Year Subscriber ToBeOrNotToBot#teamBadgers is captained by @the_etcetera_kid and @ToBeOrNotToBot

!teamCreate – create a new team (open enrollment by default)

Important: Team names cannot be changed so make sure you have it formatted correctly before submitting.

Team names must start with #team. They can include the alphabet, numbers, and underscores.

By default a team is open enrollment, meaning anyone can join the team.

1-Year Subscriber The_Etcetera_Kid: !teamCreate #teamBadgers
Moderator 1-Year Subscriber ToBeOrNotToBot: #teamBadgers has been created. Anyone can join using !teamJoin #teamBadgers

If you want to create a team that is invite only, include ‘closed’ when you run the command. You cannot retroactively close a team. Once it’s open enrollment it will always be open enrollment.

1-Year Subscriber jyktest: !teamCreate #teamXYZA closed
Moderator 1-Year Subscriber ToBeOrNotToBot: #teamXYZA has been created. To invite someone to join use: !teamInvite #teamXYZA @username

Whoever creates a team is the captain. Only captains of a team can run commands for the team, add new captains, or if the team is closed, invite new members, or new captains.

!teamJoin – join a team that’s open enrollment or that you’ve been invited to join

1-Year Subscriber The_Etcetera_Kid: !teamJoin #teamXYZA
Moderator 1-Year Subscriber ToBeOrNotToBot:@The_Etcetera_Kid is now a member of #teamTest123

!teamInvite – invite someone to join an invite-only team

You must be a team captain of an invite-only team to invite people to join a team.

1-Year Subscriber jyktest: !teamInvite #teamXYZA @The_Etcetera_Kid
Moderator 1-Year Subscriber ToBeOrNotToBot:@The_Etcetera_Kid you’ve been invited to join #teamTest123. Run !teamJoin #teamTest123

!teamCaptain – add a new captain to a team

1-Year Subscriber jyktest: !teamCaptain #teamXYZA @The_Etcetera_Kid
Moderator 1-Year Subscriber ToBeOrNotToBot:@The_Etcetera_Kid you’ve been invited to captain #teamBadgers. To accept, run !teamCaptain #teamBadgers

!teamOpen – change an invite-only team to open enrollment

You must be a team captain to run this command.

1-Year Subscriber jyktest: !teamOpem #teamXYZA
Moderator 1-Year Subscriber ToBeOrNotToBot:#teamTest123 is now open for anyone to join. Run !teamJoin #teamTest123