You can help create the elements that go into generating new bands.

Intro message to user who unlocked the band

• !bot b_intro Breaking news! #username# just joined

Noun that can be used as part of a band name

• !bot z_noun blob

Note: we’re using z_noun, not b_noun. Please submit in lower case.

Line that describes their music

• !bot b_musicLine You can find their music in the #b_genre# section of your local record store.

Note: You can use #b_genre# variable and it will be replaced with a random genre.

Line gives some detail about the band

• !bot b_detail They recently signed a <random>1 99</random> year record contract.

Note: You can include option sets and variables so that your b_detail can be used more than once.

Note: <random>1 99</random> generates a random number between 1 and 99. Change the numbers for different ranges.

Line gives some detail about the band

• !bot b_songLine Sing along to their latest hit #b_song#.

Note: You must include #b_song#, which will generate a random song title.